Our Mission

First and foremost, we are ALWAYS CUSTOMER FOCUSED.
We continually seek to GROW as an engineering services company.
We encourage staff to GROW personally and professionally.
We strive to be preferred by our STAFF and CLIENTS.
We intentionally seek to benefit our COMMUNITY.

Company Values

RESPECT: Caring enough to do what is best for those we work with and for

ENJOYMENT: Bringing a positive attitude to every relationship, expecting and anticipating success

FREEDOM FROM STRIFE: Doing our best, calmly and persistently, even when the outcome is uncertain

CONSIDERATION: Being careful that all we say and do is respectful without anger or revenge

HONESTY: Behaving in such a way as to promote complete trust from our clients, vendors, consultants and co-workers

TRUTHFULNESS: Being true to our word and agreements, finishing tasks completely and working with integrity

GENTLENESS: Expressing truth in a manner that does not come across as harsh or ill- intentioned

DISCIPLINE: Saying “no” to self in order to support others, meet goals and produce an excellent work product

ENDURANCE: Taking a long view, continually working to improve ourselves and our processes, and allowing for mistakes as we continue to get better and better in all we do and are